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Bonadiva is a gallery of erotic pleasure toys. Our collections are an alternative suggestion to adult entertainment and are made for people with a refined taste and good style. Choosing from a sensual canvas of ideas and proposals, Bonadiva selected the top designers and manufacturers of erotic art globally, to collect and display their achievements. The fruits of this cooperation are the obvious benefits that our clients reap, regarding the high quality and best price of the products they receive.

Bonadiva has given the necessary prestige, the required gravity and the freshness of innovation to the design and functionality of its e-shop. In this way, experienced and novice users of the internet and sex toys can easily find and buy whatever they desire from a range of completely controlled designs and materials. At bonadiva we have dozens of hand-made sex toys, from materials that transform them into collectible jewellery.

Our sedulous research and keeping up to date with new trends, guarantee the continuous renewal of our products and services. We wish its followers a wonderful journey on the road to pleasure.

Pleasure Arts

The wise ancient techniques of lovemaking that were born in the depths of the East, have become today the most popular trend in the West. Their in depth study can admittedly lead to the collapse of taboos that were imposed by the blinders of centuries-old dogmatism.

Following the sexual revolution, the seduction of the mind and the stimulation of the body took their rightful places in the social process and had a catalytic influence on the formation of our personal life. Sexual bliss is right next to us and is calling us to conquer it, with the terms of the 21st century and the solid foundations of those who have searched for it through the centuries.

The ancient techniques of lovemaking

The mysteries of lovemaking and pleasure are ingrained deeply in our consciousness, covered with layers of acquired theories, caught up in defence mechanisms that perpetuate ignorance and magnify fear. At the same time, one careful look at our everyday life reveals a vast area that is occupied by secret and obvious thoughts related to the joy of lovemaking, unconfessed memories and desires that often conflict with social values, stereotypes and taboos.

The ancient techniques of lovemaking consider carnal enjoyment as the determinant in the formation of the human psyche. The eastern traditions of taoism and tantrism speak of the cosmic energy of love that they often identify with pleasure.

In the Chinese Tao the man with the powerful Yang energy that is easily wasted in the act of lovemaking, learns to balance with the woman's passive Ying energy. When we control this sexual energy or Ching Chi, we can achieve the ability of physical and psychological self-healing. Physical and mental exercises, with the help of special techniques, lead to the harmonisation of man with the powers of nature and the path (tao) that leads to the understanding of the human existence.

Respectively in Hinduism, the ideal of human perfection is closely related with the complete self-command of the physical body, in combination with the emotions and the mind that are gradually "freed".

Based on these teachings, it is not hard to understand the meaning of the metaphysical philosophy of tantrism, that having as its fundamental axis the harmonious movement of energy, renews the body and soul. The holistic medicine ayuverda with the seven chakras (energy channels) and the techniques of Kama Sutra, have arisen from this core of centuries-old experience and knowledge. At bonadiva you will often discover that modern erotic art uses the ancient teachings not only as a folklore addition and a means to impress, but as a guide to ecstasy and personal erotic fulfilment. A reaction and challenge to the establishment that began centuries ago and has not been yet completed.

Seducing the mind

Love used to go through the stomach, but thankfully for us it has been proven that it is born, lives and dies in the brain. So is everything (fantasies, fetishes, vices, perversions) in our head? Fortunately they are because the human mind has the most basic characteristic which our thought produces continuously and without barriers, imagination.

Our imagination activates the whole procedure of stimulation that leads us to what we call erotic fulfilment. It is the creator of passion, the conqueror of the heart, the ally and at the same time the tormentor of our body. Through a complicated labyrinth of experiences, expectations and discoveries it reaches the supreme creative expression of the mind, i.e. the erotic fantasy.

Fantasies function as a lever that raises erotic desire and at the same time as a substitute of reality that is quite often influenced negatively by routine. Innocent or less innocent, perversive or not depending on the taboos of each society and era, they are often combined with extraneous factors that our mind has linked between them and are unique for each one of us. Our fantasies, whether it is the extraordinary concentration that their creation requires, or a look, a smell or a memory, always aim to visualise, idolise and codify our erotic desire. With this reasoning, it is not unreasonable to say that we live in a world full of fetishes (idols) from the moment we are born.

Fetish objects, materials and images cause instantaneously sexual stimulation and trigger the fantasy mechanisms that seek fulfilling enjoyment. Naturally, erotic art from its moment of birth has tried to cover this primeval need and desire in the best possible manner. Through materials, shapes, structures or expectations it is always trying to function as a complement and not a substitute.

At Bonadiva, everything revolves around the fulfilment of your deepest fantasies and at the same time, everything is recognised as a fetish miracle and an object with soul and energy. Get to know them and you will "adore" them.

Stimulating the body

The human body is the result of magic and ingenuity that natural selection has wisely chiselled throughout the centuries. Erotic stimulation is an amazing example of the capabilities of the temple that guards our soul. The human body, by awakening the erotogenous zones, begins a ritual that ends by achieving the ultimate bliss. Erotic stimulation is achieved through all five senses and is different for the two sexes.

Women are definitely more sensitive to external stimuli with more complex genitals and more erotogenous zones than men. The queen of stimulation is with no doubt the clitoris, the most sensitive organ of the vulva, which is unique from an anatomical and physiological perspective. There is no corresponding organ in the male body that acts exclusively as a receptor and transmitter of sexual stimuli, causing or increasing sexual stimulation. Its tip is covered by a sensitive membrane full of nerve endings. During the sexual act, the clitoris doubles in size and becomes erect, just like the penis.

A second unique female characteristic is the G-spot (it was named after the famous German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who first "discovered" the specific area, i.e. a small spot that is located at the front wall of the vagina a few centimetres from its entrance). By stimulating it, fluids are released that lubricate the vagina in a procedure thought to be similar to male ejaculation.

The male aspect of pleasure revolves around erection and ejaculation. The erection of the male organ is a miracle of biology and mechanics, a procedure that literally transforms a human member to a battering ram. This phallic symbol always symbolises life, abundance and sheer eroticism and is the key to paradise for its carrier and recipient. An important part of our love life and a frequent sexual fantasy, mainly of men, is the "alternative" road of pleasure.

Anal intercourse is considered quite a fetishist form of sexual intercourse and is a widely spread "practice" in all forms of couples. Indeed in many cases it is the type of intercourse that many partners tend to consider safest and more pleasurable than the vaginal. bonadiva has the sweetest answer for every erotogenous zone, offering objects of erotic art that have been designed and manufactured taking into consideration specialised physical stimulation and the offering of the greatest pleasure.

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